Thursday, January 12, 2012


For Christmas this year Derek and I went to Bulungula ( It is a remote backpacker on the coast in the Eastern Cape - a great place. It is community owned and operated. We had a lot of beach time, had massages, went canoeing and spent a lot of quality time together in our little rounduval. To get there we had to travel for a whole day from Durban and for the final leg of it I really feared for my life. I had to emotionally and mentally shut down after tucking my head between my legs, which were pulled up to my chest. My legs were pulled up because when I tried to readjust them all the other items we were transporting shifted to fill in the space previously occupied by my feet. My head was tucked down so that if the roof caved in I would not have my neck snapped - I would just have the back of my head smacked! It was more than three hours!!!! It was raining!!!! There were a few chickens in with us!!!! Oh, and my sister, Jenna, informed me that she is pregnant again while we were there!